Science has proved itself in almost every sphere of life. Most car lifts work on the principle of hydraulics. Hydraulic systems are used for the proper working of a hydraulic car lift. The entire structure consists of a tank filled with greasy fluid, a pump connected to the motor, and a connecting tube. This system provides power to lift cars to various heights.


The hydraulic system involves a complicated procedure. Following is a general description of its working.

Hydraulic systems not only depend on the movement of their parts for proper function. They also need fluid pressure to create the required force for raising the lift. This is why they must have some fluid in the tank so that other parts may work harmoniously. The system’s pump pushes the fluid out of its storage tank into the side cylinder with the main piston. This piston is an essential component which moves upwards when the pressure in the fluid increases. This creates enough force which helps to lift loads attached to the piston. Since the cylinders and pistons are connected to the sides of the lift’s ramp, they maintain the whole process.


Most of the lifts seen in daily life are hydraulic lifts. Some types of hydraulic lifts are given below;

  • Scissor lifts
  • Two-post lifts
  • Four-post lifts
  • Carousel lifts


Hydraulic lifts can be much more complicated, but their simple configuration has earned a lot of reputation. These lifts only occupy a little space; instead, they increase the parking space. You can park one car on the platform and the other below the ramp.

People prefer a car lift with a simple structure that does not require much maintenance. Furthermore, it is easy to install a lift with fewer parts. Hydraulic lifts have fewer parts, which is why these are preferred worldwide.

They are durable and sustainable; they can bear and lift heavy weights to 2 levels. These elevators provide a vertical lift and are entirely reliable.

Are hydraulic lifts expensive?

In comparison to other traction lifts, hydraulic lifts are very cost-effective. They are cheaper to install and occupy 10 per cent less space than other lifts. However, their maintenance is more expensive than electric lifts. But it keeps its demand and usage the same. They have a high demand in the market because of their efficient working results.

Distinguishing features:

Hydraulic lifts have some distinguishing features due to which these are preferred over other lifts;

  • It has a safety gate feature to avoid any damage
  • International safety standards accept it
  • Emergency check valves are present in case of any mishap
  • Optional explosion-proof parts are also available.


Hydraulic lifts have lessened the manual and tiring work. It has helped us by lifting heavy vehicles or their parts from one place to another. They require regular inspection and maintenance for proper working. You should change the oil in the cylinder once a year, and other components are strong enough to work efficiently for almost five years.


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