The Main Articles of Transport That Create Environmental Impacts

Transport sometimes referred to as transportation, is the transfer of animals, people and goods from one place to another. Simply put, the act of transportation is defined as the total movement of a specific entity or object from location A to location B. modes of transport include air, ship, rail, truck, boat and land transportation. There are many different types of transportation including road, rail, sea, rail and land transportation. Land transportation refers to the movement in the soil, whereas air transportation refers to the movement through the air.

Shipping involves the carriage of freight by trucks, vessels and aeroplanes. Freight transport is one of the most common modes of global commerce. Airfreight and ship shipping is the most familiar forms of freight transport. Other forms of bulk transportation include motor vehicle transport, railroad freight and road freight.

In general terms, freight transport refers to the movement of freight from one destination to another. It may involve road freight or maritime freight. Freight consists of any type of carriage by land, air or water. At times, even intra-air shipments are classified as freight. This main article will discuss the major types of freight transport.

passenger transportation transports passengers between two destinations. These include domestic passenger transportation such as coach and plane travel, foreign passenger transportation such as aeroplane travel, and rail freight, which are transported via railroad tracks. The transportation of goods by passenger means does not include the movement of vehicles between vehicles. For instance, in-car transport, one vehicle is used to transport a passenger while in bus transport, both vehicles are used to transport the same passenger.

Transport modes are categorized according to the method of transport. There are modes of transportation that only move single goods and others that transport multiple goods. Modes of transport also differ for different types of goods. For instance, there are trucks and trains that carry goods and other modes of transport like passenger liners, trucks carrying goods, and maritime vessels that carry goods to and from destinations.

Another important classification is based on the destination. The destination is defined as the place at which the goods will be delivered or carried. Thus, sea transport means sea shipping while air transport means air transport. A major part of global commerce is through shipping and other transportation means. Therefore, it is very important to learn about the main types of transportation.

The next type of transportation is logistics or transportation. Logistics refers to the system by which transportation is achieved from A to B. This system is implemented at all stages of the process of transport. Transportation is the distribution of resources to their intended destinations. This can also refer to the transportation of materials and equipment between locations.

The other major transport term is passenger transportation. passenger refers to people that travel by road or any mode of transport. There are two categories of passenger namely private passenger movement and public passenger transportation. Both refer to different modes of transport. Modes of transport like air, rail and water transport have passenger movements. Modes of transport like motor vehicle travel, freight and passenger trucks have public passenger movements.

The third main article of transport, we will be looking at is the supply chain and distribution. The supply chain refers to how resources are acquired and used to fulfil a need. A main aspect of the supply chain is the infrastructure. Infrastructure refers to the physical assets that support the actual delivery process. So, the distribution is the actual process of distributing resources from A to B.

Water transport and freight transport are the main articles of transport that create environmental impacts. In water transport, there is water pollution that results from excessive discharges and spills. Freight transport on the other hand involves the movement of materials and products from one location to another. The environmental impacts of freight transport are primarily associated with land use, ocean shipping, and spills.

All these three articles of transport can cause major environmental impacts. Thus it is important to reduce the impact through efficient planning and implementation. Efficiency in transport means integrating all the main articles of transport so as to provide the greatest impact at the most cost-effective manner. There are multiple ways to implement efficient transport strategies.


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