There are lots of industries that are providing services regarding pipelines and others. Every industry has its own specialty and working abilities. Some of them gained lots of popularity and trust due to their high-quality products and services, TUSPIPE is also one of the biggest and most trustworthy industries related to the manufacturing of pipes.

From creating a high-quality material to packaging and delivering it to customers all the r services of this company are highly organized and specialized. Lots of other industries are connected to this company to get high-quality and standard materials and pipes for construction.

This company is providing its services of manufacturing high-quality pimples like API 5L X52 Line Pipe and more. Here in this article, you will get to know about all the interesting and trusted services of TUSPIPE. So without any second thought let’s get started.


The original name of this industry is Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co Ltd. but now it is most commonly known as This Company was established in 1998 and its main branch is located in the vibrant city of Tianjin, China. This industry is the vanguard of steel pipe craftsmanship. They are known for building high-quality, reliable, and unwavering pipes.

This industry includes 3 main robust production lines. It can easily create impressive tons of steel pipes annually. Overall workers in this company are 260. They work diligently and hard to produce high-quality and standard steel pipes so that they can win the trust of customers.

Product Line of TUSPIPE

Line Pipe

One of the main products of this industry is line pipe. These line pipes are widely used in the pipeline industry, and the type of coating on these pipe piles is used to provide corrosion-free products. They ensure a longer lifespan, more strength, and higher durability. These types of pipes are used in various other fields.

Sprinkler Pipe

A Fire sprinkler pipe is a type of pipe that is used in firefighting and most of the time its color is red. It allows connecting of water resources with the roof tank so that they can be used to overcome emergencies during a fire. It is an important part of the fire safety system


This pipe is referred to as a group of rolled material products that is used in the oil and gas industry. It also includes the casing and tubing industry. They are most commonly used in the drilling process. They will protect all the drilling systems. Moreover, these pipes stabilize the wallboard during overload.

Piling Pipe

These pipes are known as deep foundations pipes that are frequently used to transport loads to make soil layers stronger. They are resisted by friction and points. They provide open-ended or close-ended strength because of their constructive nature. Widely used to support soil.

Structural Pipe

Here is another best type of pipe provided by TUSPIPE. These structural pipes are suited to maintain the structure of any building. They are also used to transport solid material from one side to another. These structural pipes are highly used by various other industries.

Other Information

There are lots of other products provided by TUSPIPE. All of these products have their own features and reliability. Different other industries work along with TUSPIPE to take advantage of discounts and to use these high-quality pipes. Other pipes and products provided by this industry are as follows.

  • Pressure pipe
  • Hollow section
  • Galvanized Pipe
  • Shoulder pipe
  • Slotted Liner
  • Torque Tube
  • Boiler Tube
  • Pipe Coating
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Pipe Fitting


In a nutshell, TUSPIPE is one of the best, most highly trusted, and worthy to use industry. It provides premium services to its customer. It makes all the products that meet the stander criteria of every client. This was all about TUSPIPE, if you want to know more about all the products and history you can visit the website of TUSPIPE.


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