It is crucial to spend money on the right shipping container wheels to provide mobility while lifting, loading, packing, or transporting shipping containers off the ground. You can move your shipping container about the office much more easily if it has wheels. You will have difficulty in transportingg storage containers to move at all without the proper equipment for your truck or trailer.

However, you should do some market research before purchasing shipping container wheels. Because there are requirements that you should match with your demands, this search is crucial. Some wheels, for instance, may be mounted while the container is on the ground, while others need to be lifted using a jack lug. Additionally, various wheels and transport kits will have varied weight restrictions.

Additionally, certain wheel configurations are restricted to paved or smooth terrain. You’ll run into trouble if you have to relocate your containers on unlevel terrain. Heavy-duty wheels can therefore go over obstacles like curbs and pebbles.

The Best Transport Wheels For Shipping Containers

Your particular demands will determine which wheels are appropriate for your shipping container. Some are more robust and need a more involved installation, while others go together quickly. Before choosing your shipping container wheels, you need think about a few additional issues. How big and how heavy are your storage containers? Will you need to put and remove the wheels frequently? Will being able to pivot be crucial for you?

Shipping Container Wheels That Clip On

This pair of clip-on dolly spindles may be perfect for you if you need to transport empty shipping containers and already own rims and tires. You can move your container on your own thanks to the 8000lb Spindle Kit for Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels. The Clip-On Shipping Container Wheels make transporting your containers short distances easier. They are made of durable steel and include an additional heavy duty bearing system for increased safety.

This shipping container wheel set can hold up to 8000 pounds thanks to its one-inch steel plates and 6.5″x8″ bolt pattern. For comparison, the weight of a 40-foot shipping container when empty is 6,000 pounds. Just be aware that with this kit, rims and tires will need to be purchased separately. Overall, this is a wonderful solution if you merely need to relocate your container across your yard.

Superior Quick-Set Wheels For Shipping Containers

They are only meant to be used at modest speeds since this kit lacks a braking mechanism. Rims and wheels must be ordered separately, as with the last kit. These lug kits, which are intended to be installed on a container’s bottom, will meet all of your movement requirements for shipping or storage containers. This item is another hub wheel/ spindle type of kit for shipping containers, similar to the kit mentioned above. These lug spindles, which are sythesized of carbon steel, have a weight capacity of 8000 pounds. The lugs on all units are intended to prevent rotation while they are bearing weight after making contact with flat surfaces, and they are all constructed by qualified welders using ASME authorized processes.


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